Mobility Innovation Challenge

From Problem to Pathway.

The Mobility Innovation Challenge is an engine to engage the brightest minds in civic tech on our nation's top transportation challenges. 


Why? Rapid advances in mobility technology present a historic opportunity to cities and regions, but also a deep challenge. Harnessing this mobility revolution will require new ways of doing business and fresh thinking from beyond the walls of city hall. Success will depend on close collaboration with new partners – tapping technology expertise and solutions that can revolutionize mobility by connecting them to actual problems.

Who? Transportation leaders from forward-thinking public agencies, research institutions, and industry.

When? Launched in February of 2018, the Mobility Innovation Challenge progresses participating cities and regions through three phases: 1) Problem Identification, 2) Technical Development, and 3) Reverse Pitch.  Now entering, the Technical Development phase, cities and regions are in the process of building and preparing problem statements for pitching to the innovation  community.

20 Forward-Thinking Cities. 5 Mobility Domains.

The Mobility Innovation Challenge is organized around developing solutions in five domains that leadership from the 20 regions have identified as high priority, each underpinned by a locally-led Community of Practice:


Equity & Access

Tackle the challenge of providing affordable and reliable transportation service to enable the elderly and disabled to access employment, healthcare, and other basic human needs.


Seamless Mobility

Unlock the 1st/last mile and develop a multimodal payment platform that enables travelers to tap into a marketplace of mobility options.


Energy & Sustainability


Forge strategies for installing charging infrastructure, incentivizing fleet electrification, and shifting people to environmentally friendly transportation modes.


Real-Time Data

Develop a standard for construction/lane closure/ incident information and prioritize readiness investments for connected and automated vehicle (C/AV) infrastructure.


Freight & Logistics

Improve goods movement by enabling truck platooning, supporting intermodal port operations, and securely exchanging public-private data.


The Power of Collaboration.

Transportation leadership from 20 of the nation's forward-thinking regions are coming together to chart a course of collective action.


It All Starts with the Problem.

Transportation leaders will begin with an intensive problem definition process that will prioritize and down select problems to continue on to the next stage of technical development. 


Reverse Pitch

By starting with their challenges, public agencies are turning the tables on transportation and preparing to call upon the community of innovators in a Reverse Pitch in Summer 2018.