We invite transportation leadership to engage with one another and the partnership network in a six-month sprint to hone a set of specific mobility challenges within each of the five domains that are key barriers to progress. Starting in mid-January, this process will involve a series of workshops, webinars, and monthly calls, resulting in transportation leaders pitching a set of honed problem statements to an open community of innovators during the summer of 2018.


Workshop #1: Problem Definition

February 12-13 | Austin, TX

Transportation leaders will begin with an intensive problem definition process that will surface challenges in the 5 domains, prioritize, and down select problem statements to continue on to the next stage of technical development. 

Workshop #2: Technical Development

March 26-29 | Kansas City, MO
Concurrent with the Smart Cities Connect Conference

A critical mass of cities will champion each problem statement, which will receive special attention to prepare for the Reverse Pitch. Technical Coaches will offer guidance on value proposition development, assist with the staging of data sets, and detail the solution core capabilities to meet city needs. Reverse Pitch packages will be prepared for official release, including outreach to respective communities of innovators.



Reverse Pitch

Summer 2018

City champions will make an open call to the community of innovators - making a compelling case for each problem statement to attract the leading companies, startups, and entrepreneurs to formulate prototype solutions for implementation and scaling. 

The best prototypes developed will receive the opportunity to present their solutions to the body of city champions and, if selected, advance to a joint procurement process.  Details on the Reverse Pitch competition and selection criteria will be announced in the coming months.

Partnership & Sponsorship Opportunities

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